Ticked Off Over Ticks?

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Ticked off over ticks?


Our recent mild winter in Ohio has led to a bumper crop of pesky ticks in 2016.  Not only are they creepy creatures, but they also pose a serious health risk for your pet as well as you, the owner.  At least four species of ticks are prevalent in Ohio that may carry diseases such as Lyme, Ehrlichiosis, Anaplasmosis, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, and several others.

Transmission of these diseases requires the tick to attach to the skin before the disease agents are introduced into the body.  Not every tick will carry an infectious disease.  Unfortunately, there is no way to distinguish a safe tick from an unsafe tick.  Therefore, tick prevention is very important.  Both tick collars and liquid drops applied to the skin are available to protect your pet from tick borne illnesses.

If possible, avoid grassy fields that have not been mowed.  Also, be wary of low undergrowth in wooded areas.  And always check your pet’s coat daily for both attached and unattached ticks if you’ve visited any such areas.

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