Spring Allergies?


Is my dog scratching because of Spring allergies?


Many things contribute to an itchy pet.  If your dog has just begun digging at its coat, then our current Spring bloom of pollen may be the cause.  Spring allergies usually occur from April through June.  The primary sources of offending pollens are from trees and grasses. Dogs that react to these seasonal allergens will generally show symptoms of chewing at their feet, scratching at their sides, and rubbing at their faces.

Current research indicates that reaction to pollen can also be exaggerated by cross-reacting with food allergens.  (Yes, many dogs do have food allergies.)  Therefore, proper diet choices are important to decrease overall allergy issues.

Good news is on the horizon.  A new, FDA approved medication has become available to the veterinary market for our allergic dogs.  Unfortunately, heavy demand for the highly effective drug, Apoquel, has held up availability until this Fall.  In the mean time, let us assist you in helping your itchy dog get through this season.  For us to help you with your questions, please call Hudson Veterinary Hospital at 330-650-2929.