Runaway Pets


How can I have peace of mind my pet will be returned to me if it runs off?


A lost pet is a frightening experience for its owner. And while we do the best that we can to keep our pets confined and safe, all too often they may wander or run off. Pet tags on all pets that go outdoors are essential for identification. The tag should include the pets name and address. A phone number would also speed your pet’s recovery. Pet tags are inexpensive and can easily be customized and ordered online or from pet stores.

But even pet tags can be lost or missing from your pet. What then? The most hassle free pet identification system now available is microchipping. A small harmless chip is inserted under the skin between the shoulder blades in a simple and quick procedure. The chip is about the size of a grain of rice and causes no irritation. Information on the chip is obtained by using a handheld scanner available to veterinarians and pet shelters. The information retrieved by the scanner is an ID number unique to your pet. After your pet’s chip has been read, you will receive a prompt notification from the microchip representative that your pet has been found.

A microchip is a lifelong solution to your concern of losing your best friend. Call us if you have any questions or wish to schedule an appointment (330)650-2929.

Dr. Bob

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