Natural Means Safe, Right?


Natural means safe, right?


There seems to be a misconception that anything natural is automatically safer than “chemicals”. While there are things out there that are natural and generally safer than some of the chemicals out there, natural and safe are not necessarily synonymous. Arsenic is a naturally occurring compound and cyanide can be found in apple seeds and peach pits. Two leading causes of cancer are the natural plant tobacco and asbestos, a naturally occurring mineral.

Even some things that are thought of as benign such rosemary can be toxic in large doses. The natural insecticide D-limonene can be as toxic to cats as pyrethrins (which occur naturally in the chrysanthemum flower). And both are more toxic than some of the “chemical insecticides” available now (not to mention less effective).

The important thing to remember is that chemicals, whether natural or man-made, can still be toxic. If in doubt as to the safety of any product contact your veterinarian or Hudson Veterinary Hospital at (330)650-2929.