Is it Alright to Feed My Cat Canned Food


Is it alright to feed my cat canned food?


Canned cat food has gotten a bad rap in recent years. Its supposed role in dental disease is well known. It may come as a surprise to you, then, that many experts are recommending canned food.

The main benefit is nutrition. Canned foods tend to be higher in proteins than comparable dry formulas. This is especially important in the cat, which is a true carnivore. Also, canned diets contain more water and therefore fewer calories. With obesity as prevalent as it is, keeping calorie content low can be very beneficial. Also, increasing protein and decreasing obesity are two key components to preventing diabetes.

Canned diets are also more similar to what cats would eat if they were in the wild. (Mice don’t come all dried up and kibble shaped.) Dry food absorbs water in the stomach and swells up. This can cause many cats to vomit. Switching from dry to canned may be all it takes to save your carpets.

As far as the dental benefits, most cats don’t chew much anyway. There is probably very little benefit to dry food. In fact, at least one expert believes that the extra carbs (which are converted to sugars) in a dry kibble are the real cause of feline dental disease. The lower carb content of canned food may actually make it better for the teeth.

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