How do I help my overcome the winter pet blues?


How do I help my pet overcome the winter blues?


Inactivity during the cold weather may not just cause your pet to put on a few too many pounds; it also can lead to some troublesome behavioral issues due to boredom.   So rather than deal with unwanted issues, here are some tips to jazz up your pets cold weather days.

Think creatively.  What would my pet find interesting?  Most pets like solving puzzles.  Hide treats or normal dog food bits in toys with holes or in difficult places. Place canned dog food in a Kong toy and freeze it.

Run off that energy.  Schedule play dates.  Consider visiting dog parks or a drop off at doggie day care.  Tie stuffed animals to a string to encourage a predatory chase game.  Set-up an agility course and encourage your pet to run under, over, and through obstacles.  Back it up with a few yummy snacks.

Give quality time.  Take short car trips.  Check out pet-friendly stores.  Visits the vet (which I highly recommend!)  Have friends stop by.

We all benefit from variety and activity.  Who said winter can’t be fun!

Have blessed Christmas.