Dental Health


Why is dental health important to my pet?


toothbrush catMany people are surprised to find that their pets require dental care. After all, who cares if their teeth are bright and shiny? But dental health is about more than a pretty smile and good smelling breath. It impacts the overall well-being of your pet.

First and foremost, a mouth that is full of gingivitis and periodontal disease is a mouth that is full of infection. This places stress on the immune system. Bleeding gums mean that all the bacteria in the mouth have access to the blood stream. Circulating bacteria can build up “fringes” on the valves of the heart and lead to “leaky” valves and murmurs. They have also been implicated in kidney infections and liver abscesses.

Tooth brushing is a wonderful idea and can lengthen the amount of time between professional cleanings. Just like you and I though, brushing does not eliminate all dental disease and eventually we need help from the dental professionals.

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