Avoiding Dog Bites


How can I avoid a dog bite?


Dogs bite millions of people every year in the United States. The majorities of dog bites are from the family dog and occur on the owner’s premises.  Unfortunately, children are the most frequently bitten.  Proper dog awareness and bite prevention training can go a long way in avoiding an injury.

Don’t run.  If a strange dog comes near, stay still.  Stay quiet and avoid direct eye contact.  Most dogs will wander off once their curiosity is satisfied.  Running and screaming will only heighten a dog’s instinct to chase and possibly bite.

Lie like a log.  If you trip or are knocked down, roll into a ball and protect your head and face with your hands.  Stay as motionless as possible.

Take time with your children to teach them how to act in the presence of an unknown or aggressive dog.  If you or your children are bitten, contact authorities and seek medical attention.  If your own dog bites, confine it immediately, follow local ordinances, and seek professional guidance.

Dogs may be mans best friends, but precaution is always wise.

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