Aggressive Dog? Part 1


So why does my dog dislike the delivery man?


Wouldn’t you think that a friendly person approaching your front door with a mystery package would elicit great interest and a happy tail wag from man’s best friend?  If you are fortunate – yes.  However, more often than not, your friendly pet may behave far from friendly toward your delivery/mail man. 

Look at it from your dog’s perspective. A strange looking vehicle growls up the driveway, parks, with the engine still running (suspicious). An energetic person pops out, and walks straight at the house carrying a strange object (more suspicious). The stranger rings the doorbell (red alert), setting off full defensive alarms (barking). But, because of the extraordinary bravery exhibited by your pet, the stranger quickly leaves the mystery package at the door climbs back in the growling machine and drives off (retreats).

Another home safely defended!  Works every time.

Next time we’ll talk about how to modify some of those defensive behaviors to help your pet see its foe as a friend.

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