Aggressive Dog? Part 2


Aggressive Dog? Part 2


Two weeks ago, we discussed your dog’s brave defense of the home from ‘dangerous’ delivery people.  Obviously, it would be wonderful if your fearless friend could always discern friend from foe.  Wouldn’t that be nice! Unfortunately, that level of discernment too often falls upon you.

The ultimate goal is to have your dog depend upon you as the authority on deciding what individuals may be safe or unsafe.  Puppies can be imprinted with an acceptance of strangers in their first few months with frequent rewards and positive reassurances in new situations with unfamiliar people.  Adult dogs whose first response is alarm when strangers approach will need professional retraining.  Again, the goal is to have your dog yield to your discretion, not rely on its own judgment.  Retraining would include professional assessment, public or private behavioral classes, and in some cases, temporary use of mood modifying medications. Old dogs can learn new tricks. 

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