Ask the Vet

The following articles by our doctors have been featured recently in the Hudson Hub. Please read and feel free to share this information with your friends!

Featured topics:

AAFCO Statement on Food Bags
Aggressive Dog Part 1
Aggressive Dog Part 2
Anal Glands – How Often To Express?
Antifreeze Dangers
Avoiding Dog Bites
Bee Stings
A Bee Stung my Dog – Now What?
Baby Bunnies
Bad Breath
Bladder Infections in Females vs Males
“Byproducts” Bad for Pets?
Calico Cats are Girls?
Canine Breed DNA Testing
Canine Heart Disease
Canine Heartworm Disease
Can Dogs and Cats See Color?
Can I Really Understand My Cat?
Can My Dog Catch Ebola?
Canned Food for Cats?
Cats & Christmas: A Bad Mix?
Cat Drinking Too Much Water?
Cat Fight Consequences
Cat Urinated Outside of the Litter Box – Now What?
Cats with Cavities?
Cat Outdoors?
Changing Litter Boxes while Pregnant
Christmas Trees and Cats
Christmas Harmful to Pets?
Cicadas Dangerous to Pets?
Cleaning Dogs Ears
Dangers of Eating Grapes and Raisins
Declawing Cats
Dental Health
Dog Stung by a Bee
Dog Swallowed Something – Now What?
Ear Infection – OK to Reuse Meds?
Essential Oils as Flea Preventative
Fear of Storms
Feline Heartworm Prevention
Feline Hyperthyroidism
Feline Urinary Tract Infections
Females More Prone to UTI’s?
Fish – New Tank Syndrome
Flea Preventative
Flea Preventatives for Indoor Cats
Food Allergies
Grains Bad for Pets?
“Guaranteed Analysis” of Pet Food?
Heartworm Disease Decreasing?
Heartworm Preventative Safe for Collies?
Holiday Dangers to Pets
Hot Spots
How Cold is Too Cold?
How Hot is Too Hot?
How Much Water Should a Dog Drink Daily?
Indoor Cats and Parasites
Is My Cat Really Healthy?
Is My Pet Overweight?
Itchy Dog Ears
Kennel Cough
Kissing Frogs?
“Kneady” Cat?
Labradors overeating
Lice in Dogs?
Limping Dog?
Lepto Vaccine Concerns
Luxating Patella?
Lyme Disease Prevention
Milk for Cats
Most Popular Puppy Names 2015
Natural Behavior Supplements
Natural Means Safe, Right?
New Baby Pet Introductions
Pet food: Gourmet vs Natural?
Pet Obesity
Pet Owners Healthier?
Pheromones, What are They?
Pumpkin for Pets?
Puppy House Training
Puppy House Training 2
Puppy Teeth
Rabies – What is it?
Raw Diets – Are they safe?
Road Salt Dangerous for Pets?
Runaway Pets 
Scratching Pets
Senile Dog
Shaving Your Dog
Spring Allergies
Squinting Pet?
Storm Phobia in Dogs
Switching Diets if Meat is not the 1st Ingredient?
Swallowed Something?
Thanksgiving Dinner for Dogs?
Ticked Off Over Ticks?
Tick Habitats
Tick Removal Tips
Tween Wants to be a Vet
Vaccinating Indoor Cats?
Vaccine Series for Puppies and Kittens?
Vegan Diets for Cats?
Walking Dogs in Heat
Warm, Dry Nose = Sick Dog?
Weight Loss Tips
Weight Loss in Pets
West Nile Virus?
Why Test For Heartworm?
Winter Pet Blues